Learning from the young and restless (not the soap opera)

I’m in between making calls — we all have to do that to generate leads right?  How many of us really like it at 5 p.m.  so instead of calling I started reading my various email subscriptions and was totally blown away with the articles of these youngsters – 12-17-18-21 year old creating companies, products and services and I was extremely motivated to keep reading.  Business Insider

Working with many client who are typically over 45 who say they want to create financial growth and want control of their lives but stop short of making changes in their lives had me thinking about why they stop and these young entrepreneurs do not.  It makes me think of the times I went with someone new skiing for the first time — ok it is summer and probably 100 degrees outside my door but I had to think cool thoughts so skiing comes to mind.  Remember going skiing for the first time – FEAR of breaking bones, FEAR of losing control and FEAR of being embarrassed as your headed down the slope.  Thinking about my clients fear as well as my own fear of leaving my salary job with a great company to start this business with my sister keeps me humble. Reading about these youngsters gets me motivated to tell myself  what Jim Rohn wrote,self-preservation has a tendency to lead to poverty”.

The article on these youth should be read by everyone –it appears they have had the fear factor as well as failure of many attempts but they did it — they kept their focus on their strong desire to win and make something happen — kudos to all of them.  They list the 6 traits to make an audacious amount of money:

1. Support – don’t go it alone

2. Hard work – nobody said it was easy

3. Passion – love it or leave it

4. Perseverance – how to take a punch and get back up

5. Naivety – because you just don’t know any better

6. Humility – No, you don’t know everything  — read the specific stories here get inspired and get acting as if you cannot fail!

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams. Helping clients identify wealth creation strategies is our #1 goal. With wealth comes peace of mind, better attitude, freedom from worry, and ability to enjoy all that is created on this earth with family and friends.

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2 comments on “Learning from the young and restless (not the soap opera)
  1. I have taken note that of all forms of insurance, medical care insurance is the most dubious because of the struggle between the insurance cover company’s need to remain profitable and the customer’s need to have insurance plan. Insurance companies’ earnings on wellbeing plans are very low, as a result some corporations struggle to make a profit. Thanks for the ideas you share through this site.

  2. Arica, you make valid points. If you haven’t read Jim Rohn’s work, you may want to look him up on the internet; one expression I like that he said often “I won’t sign up for that class”. What he was saying is that we can spend lots of time spinning our wheels trying to change something but if it is not in our power why expend the energy and to stay focused on what we can be doing to move closer to our goals. Wellbeing should be the forefront of every company since healthy and well balanced people are happy and productive.

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