Women Entreprenuer’s

In a recent survey of 1,000 successful employed business women:

  • 41% identified their career aspirations as: “owning my own business”!
  • 31% of all privately-held U.S. firms are women-owned.
  • There are 7.8 million firms with majority ownership by women.
  • Women-owned businesses employ 7.6 million people.
  • Women-owned businesses generate 1 trillion in sales.
  • Women-owned firms are at 52% of all healthcare service firms.

-US Census Survey of Business Owners


I recently read a great website with more information on marketing trends to women.  Read http://www.she-conomy.com/ to learn more about how to market and understand an important demographic.

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams. Helping clients identify wealth creation strategies is our #1 goal. With wealth comes peace of mind, better attitude, freedom from worry, and ability to enjoy all that is created on this earth with family and friends.

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2 comments on “Women Entreprenuer’s
  1. Women are natural leaders if they allow themselves to be. I hear from women especially have taken time to raise a family and not pursue “careers or jobs” to doubt their ability to lead and manage a business. My experience having not had the opportunity to working as I look at skills I would hire would be just those women. The ones I know I respect beyond what I words I can say here in this short update to this topic of women entrepreneurs. The women raised a family, managed the home front in every way, found time to volunteer and in many cases run major events for schools or communities. Their skills in communication, project management, people management, leadership, problem solving, and creativity rank at the top of observable skills. On top of that all, they have in many cases kept up with technology. I truly believe they do not have to settle for a minimum wage job but can with some help with financing run a franchise business that offers them the systems, training, support, marketing and product/service that is proven to create a substantial future for themselves and their future.

    The key is not what people think but more importantly what do they think of themselves. If they start with first and foremost belief in themselves, those around will also believe in them.

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