About us

Who are we?  We are two sisters who decided to go into business together since we were both at cross roads in life and figured combining forces will increase our chances of success.  Using school of hard knocks as our foundation with professional education and certification in various disciples including coaching, we wanted to get out there and share what we are learning.

Business ownership is not about greed (in our little opinion), it is about creating a sustainable (before it became hip to say sustainable) business model that meets the objectives of the owners.  Sometimes, owners want flexibility and sometimes they need income to survive (pay bills, keep roof over their heads, and pay for some fun, etc..) and for some it is about putting their ideas and inventions in the marketplace or solve other worldly problems.  Business ownership takes time and having a 3rd party to bounce ideas prior to making a huge investment or potential mistake is important.

Lena  previously spent over twenty years experience in healthcare and seven years in Real Estate. She has developed marketing and sales skills, and technology skills to stay competitive in today’s market. In addition, she is a licensed Real Estate Broker for Connecticut.

Paska  worked at IBM for 30 years and due to health/cancer/treatments  you name it was forced to transition to something else or just give up.  Experience at IBM includes various management positions in sales and marketing, e-commerce, channel management and business development.    In addition, she  completed her education for coaching certification through CTI.  She is a speaker, blogger, and simply opinionated on many topics ranging from business startup, successful life techniques, and health since the last 9 years have been predominately focused on getting her health back to name a few.  She is also recently certified as a Emotion Code practitioner (see www.healingenergycode.com because blocked emotions get in our way of happy, successful and healthy lives.  When you have health you truly have wealth!


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