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Fear of What?

FEAR – who doesn’t have it?  Working with clients who are making career transitions we witness fear.  Fear can come from themselves or from loved ones forcing them in a state of suspension – suspended in their jobs they hate,

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Cashflow Quadrant- what side are you on?

Have you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and recall the section where he explains the Cashflow Quadrant.  My only regret is that I did not read that book sooner but I guess I better

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CNN Interview on Joblessness   If you have been unemployed for any period of time and wondering what are the options listen to this short video.

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3 F Words

Question, why do some people succeed and some do not in transitioning to being their own boss? A speaker who has been coaching individuals for over 7 years shared today at a meeting that people will succumb to one of

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Executives looking for alternatives

“Today’s corporate focus is on growing revenue, maintaining expanded productivity, innovating and maximizing the financial contribution of smaller operating teams. But as ExecuNet’s 2011 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report reveals, more North American employers are realizing they’ve stretched management capability

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